Updated at: 2023-10-10

1. Introduction#

The purpose of our FAQ page is to provide users with easy access to answers to common questions about our platform. Our goal is to ensure that users can find the information they need quickly and understand our organization and the services we offer.

2. About Merely Emissions#

What is Merely Emissions?#

Merely Emissions is an online tool to measure the environmental impact of a website. By entering a URL, our tool analyzes the website and provides insightful information.

How did Merely Emissions start?#

The idea behind Merely Emissions originated from our experience in website development as consultants. We sought a means to demonstrate that the websites we create are not only well-designed but also prioritize sustainability and performance.

The development of the product began as a project in a software engineering course at Malmö University. A group of five students wanted to create software that could measure the environmental impact of websites.

Who is behind Merely Emissions?#

The founders of Merely Emissions are Ellie Fagerberg and Arvid Berndtsson.

3. Using the Platform#

How do I start using Merely Emissions?#

To get an idea of what Merely Emissions can provide, try running a free scan on your website. Signing up for the platform will give you access to more information and suggestions on how to improve your environmental impact.

What websites can I scan?#

You can scan any website as long as it is published and accessible through the internet.

How accurate are the environmental impact results?#

We strive to make our measurements as accurate as possible, even in a complicated field. For more detailed information, please read our calculation methodology, which provides a comprehensive explanation of how we calculate a website's environmental impact.

4. Our Calculation Methodology#

How does Merely Emissions calculate a website's environmental impact?#

  1. We connect to the URL just like a website
  2. We inspect the data that is transferred to the user.
  3. Based on the data we are able to collect, we calculate watt and CO₂e.

What factors or metrics are taken into account in the calculations?#

The data center’s location is important#

This includes the server where the website is hosted, as well as all the data centers that the data passes through (the data path). We check the following at each data center:

  • Server location
  • Whether it is running on green electricity
  • What the carbon intensity is

What is gathered from the website?#

The connection to each website is done with a browser like any other user. Then our browser collects all the data sent to it and saves it for further analytics. This means that all the data we access is the same data that is given to any other user that connects with the same URL that was provided to us.

Where do we get the carbon intensity from?#

The carbon intensity factors are gathered from publicized lists from the EU and similar organizations. Something we are proud of is that we do not rely on one single source of information. We use multiple sources that are deemed viable. Among some of these are:

What byte size standard do we use?#

We used the 2ˣ method. When we write KB, MB, or GB, we are actually using KiB, MiB, and GiB.

1 KB = 1,024 Bytes
1 MB = 1024KB = 1,048,576 Bytes
1 GB = 1024MB = 1,048,576 KB = 1,073,741,824 Bytes

How often is the methodology updated or refined?#

Our primary focus is mathematical calculations, and we have prioritized updating our methodologies. It is a continuous process, and we strive to improve it regularly, usually on a 2-week basis.

Are there any third-party validations or verifications of your methodology?#

No, we have not done this yet, as we are constantly iterating on our methodology. It would be a waste of time to focus on third-party validations or verifications.

5. Pricing and Plans#

How much does Merely Emissions cost?#

For more information about our pricing, please visit our pricing page. The pricing page provides detailed information about the costs associated with using Merely Emissions and the available plans.

6. Technical Queries#

Which browsers are supported?#

To access our platform, we recommend using a browser with Chrome (or Chromium) 117.0.5938.149 or later. Using a compatible browser will ensure a smoother experience while using our platform.

Can I use Merely Emissions on mobile devices?#

Yes, it can be used on mobile devices, although we do not recommend it due to potential limitations in user experience.

7. Privacy and Data Protection#

Is my data safe with Merely Emissions?#

We aim to minimize the risk of data leakage by saving as little data as possible. We only save emails to enable account creation and login, and in the name field, you can enter anything to help your team identify each other. Our data-saving practices prioritize user privacy and security.

Is my data safe with Merely Emissions?#

We prioritize user privacy and security by minimizing the risk of data leakage. We only save emails for account creation and login, and the name field can be customized for team identification. Our data-saving practices aim to protect user privacy and security.

Merely Emissions collects session data to enhance our product and identify user interface issues. We handle this data with care and ensure its confidentiality. Please note that session replays are stored for a period of one month.

Do you sell user data?#

No, we do not sell any data.

How do you ensure user privacy?#

To ensure user privacy, Merely Emissions follows strict security and encryption measures. Our database provider is SOC2 Type 2 compliant. All customer data is encrypted at rest using AES-256, and during transit, it is encrypted via TLS. Additionally, sensitive information like access tokens and keys are encrypted at the application level before being stored in the database. It's important to note that this information is based on our database provider's documentation and may be subject to change. For the most up-to-date and detailed information, please visit our database provider's website.

8. Feedback and Improvement#

How can I give feedback?#

To give us feedback in general, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. If you have feedback about the platform, please navigate to the Dashboard page, where there is a section to provide feedback.

Do you have a roadmap for future updates?#

Yes, indeed, we have. However, we have chosen to keep the roadmap private at this time.

How often is the platform updated?#

The platform is typically updated multiple times a week. Currently, in Alpha, our focus is on releasing as many features as possible to determine the actual needs of our users. We value user feedback and use it to improve the platform continuously.

9. Getting Involved#

Can I collaborate or partner with Merely Emissions?#

Yes, of course. We consider all our customers as partners because we are all in this together on a journey towards a more sustainable future.

Are you hiring?#

No, we are currently not hiring any personnel. However, if you are a student looking for a student internship or working on a thesis, feel free to contact us.

How can I stay updated with Merely Emissions news?#

To stay up to date with Merely Emissions, the best way is to follow us on social media.

10. Troubleshooting and Support#

I encountered a problem; how do I report it?#

If you encounter an error with our platform, feel free to report it using the feedback button located in the dashboard section. If the issue is regarding our website, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

How long does it take to receive support?#

The level of support and response time can vary, as we are currently a small team focused on product development. We prioritize addressing questions and resolving significant software issues promptly. However, we do not currently prioritize quality-of-life issues or suggestions. We strive to improve our product continuously and appreciate your understanding.

11. Closing Remarks#

Thank you for visiting our FAQ page. We appreciate your interest in our services and hope you found the information helpful. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in any way we can.

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