Reduce Your Website’s Carbon Footprint for a Greener Future

Lower your website’s impact on the environment and receive detailed information on your website’s carbon footprint, along with practical steps to reduce it.

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The growing problem of digital carbon emissions

Websites are causing pollution, and the internet is responsible for about 3.7% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses need to take action and change their online presence to address this problem.

Your Guide to a Sustainable Online Presence

At Merely Emissions, we know how important it is to be sustainable. We use our monitors to check how much emissions and electricity your website is using. Then, we give you easy-to-read reports with helpful suggestions on how to positively impact the environment.

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Taking action with Merely Emissions

We can check how much electricity your website uses and how much carbon emission it contributes to. Then we will give you a report with suggestions on how to make your website more sustainable.

  • 1. Analyze

    Use our platform to check the carbon footprint of your website.

  • 2. Monitor

    Receive updates and alerts to keep you on track with your data.

  • 3. Act

    Use our knowledge to make lasting improvements and report on energy usage and emissions.

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Partner with Merely Emissions for a sustainable future

Partnering with Merely Emissions can help you make your online presence more sustainable. Our platform gives you the tools to understand and reduce your website’s carbon footprint. Let’s work together to create a digital world that values the environment and helps build a greener future.

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Get started by analyzing your website

Join others and analyze your website’s carbon footprint. Start now and receive a totally free analysis of your website’s sustainability!


Don’t let your website damage the environment

If you ignore how much carbon dioxide your website produces, it can hurt the environment and your business reputation, and it might even be against the law soon when the new regulations come out that make companies tell people how much carbon they make.

How sustainable is your website?

Enter your websites URL and get a free analysis of how much CO₂ your website emits.